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~ Cactus Jake ~

Cactus Jake

Here is the original picture

~ The short Bio~ Cactus Jake is an enemy cactus that appears in Final Fantasy 3/6, 7, 8, 9, and 10!!! (_ yeah he's a really famous Cactus!)

His real name in Cactuar but i call him Cactus Jake because of an inside Joke with my sister. Cactus Jake is very small but not weak! If he uses his 1000 needle attack he can take out some of your party members!

In many of the games, there is some kind of side quest related to Cactus Jake! In Final Fantasy 8 you can fight a giant Cactus Jake and get something special, in Final Fantasy 10 you can chase some Cactus Jakes in the dessert plains an get another rare item!

I think Cactus Jake is probably the cutest enemy so i just had to make an adoptable of him!

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