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~ Screen Pals ~

You can adopt any of these Screenpals, once you download them they'll wonder around your desktop, keep you company and provides lots of entertainment! To uninstall them, right click and exit. They are scanned them with Norton Anti-virus, so don't worry about any virsues ^.^

Favour Cat (85kb) He acts just like a real cat.  You can watch him sleep, run, jump, and he even climb up and down your windows.
Fafa Cat: (175kb) A female version of Favor Cat. She's really cute! She runs and plays around your screen, cuddles and provides tons of entertainment!
Silver Cat: (90kb) Another version of Favor Cat! He'll be so much fun around the screen! Download all three kitties and give them a new home!
Poe: (65kb) This sheep wonders around your desktop, dances, eats, sleeps, balances on top of any windows you have open. Sometimes he even gets abducted by aliens!
Mikan: (64kb) This is a cute... ORANGE! It bounces and walks around your desktop, sleeps, and jumpropes!
Hummingbird: (139kb) It flies around your desktop going about its own business. It catches and eats bugs too!
Cute Girl: (87kb) This cute looking girl sits on top of any of your desktop windows.

~ I did not create any of these Screenpals, I only provide the links to download them. Credit goes to their respective creators

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