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~ Instructions:  

~ Adopting is very simple! The only thing is is that you cannot direct link the critters. A script will create a broken image if you try to direct link from my site, so what you have to do is:

1. Right click the critter you want.
2. Click on "Save Picture As".
3. Save in your images folder and give it a name.
4. Now copy the html that is in the beside the critter you want, and paste it in your website editor (frontpage, notepad, etc.)
5. The only thing you have to alter from the html you copied is the "nameofthepet.gif"
. (ex: "chocobo.gif or pupu.gif"), and replace with the file name of the the critter that is saved in your comp.
6. Upload to your website! You have a new critter!!!

IMPORTANT! if you want to learn about the critter you are adopting, click on their name! A window from my other website will pop out, and you will find their short bio. Sorry for the spelling in those biographies ^_^U... 

Images are totally Transparent and work best in a pale background!

PupuI adopted Pupu!
I adopted Chocobo!
Cactus Jake
I adopted Cactus Jake!
I adopted Mog!
I adopted an Imp!
I adopted Vivi!
I adopted Vivi!

~ Mushrooms!!! ~

I adopted a Blue Mushroom!
I adopted a Black Mushroom!
I adopted a Green Mushroom!
I adopted a Red Mushroom!
I adopted a Brown Mushroom!
I adopted a Purple Mushroom!
I adopted a Pink Mushroom!
I adopted a Yellow Mushroom!
I adopted a Orange Mushroom!

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