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~ Mind Games ~

Look at the instructions for each illusion and see if you can solve them. You can find the answers to the illusions underneath them.

What word is spelled below? Focus on the center dot! What happens?
At first sight, you might have seen the word "GOOD", but look at the white spaces now... see the word "EVIL"? After a while the gray area dissapears!
The hidden Tiger
The words "The hidden Tiger" are written somewhere in this picture. Can you find them?
Which is Darker?
Look at square A then at square B... which one is a darker shade of gray?
Look at the stripes in the tiger. Do you see the hidden words now? They're the same shade of gray! The shadow on the cylinder is what confuses your perception
What do you see?
Stare at this image for a minute. Look at the four little dots on the middle. Once a minute is over, look at the box on the right. What did you see?
Stare here!
Its Jesus!  
Stare at her eyes
Stare intently, what do you see after a while?
What do you see written?
Isn't this one creepy? you can see a pair of ghoul eyes after a while Read it again and look at the reflection... do you see the word "Learn " now?