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~ Images that trick your eyes ~

Are all these really moving? You wont believe me until you see them for yourself!

Not Diagonal lines?
Even if you don't believe me, those lines are actually straight. Get a ruler out and see for yourself!
Same length?
The red lines in the middle of both figures are actually the same length.
Inside or outside?
Can you tell if the purple ball is in the inside of the outside of the box?
Rotating circles
Focus on the dot in the center, and move your head back and forth from the computer screen.
Black Dots? Wavy?
Stare at it and it stops moving, look away and it starts swaying again!
Do they really turn?
Are the wheels really turning?
Center Circle?
It looks like its coming out of the screen! And this one is going into the screen
Which wheel is turning faster?
If you focus on one, it will stop moving! Try it!
Another Wavy Illusion....

More Rotating Wheels!